Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fashion foodie

It's like peanut butter and jelly! Seriously, fashion and food? I wanted to be a model once, but then I checked out Chanel Iman's modeling profile. I have tall parents so I would be as tall as her! Well guess what? WRONG! Ugh! I'm gonna be like 5'4 at the most. So I was so angry when I saw Chanel Iman. 5'9, okay, but she's 110 pounds! So I am flipping through my Teen Vogue, catching up with them after theirFebuary 2008 issue and writing about how Ali Larter gained healthy weight, Chanel is 110 pounds! Oh honey, next time I see you walking for DKNY at fashion week and you pass out from your skimpy breakfast of watermelon balls and iceberg lettuce, I'm gonna be laughing. Ha ha ha ha! Haahh...

Okay, this is gonna be hard. Not even Bryanboy cheered me up. Ohh ooh!! She has a really cool paper doll on Stardoll. It looks just like her!

Anyways, I can promise you she will be out like the 9/08 People issue on Clay Aiken.

Still wishing,

XOXO Alaya

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