Saturday, September 26, 2009

Noodle vending Machine?

During lunch, we have about 200 kids buy ramen noodles. A cup of Cup Noodles is $ 1.00, so you can get 200 dollars from 1 out of three lunches. That's 600 dollars made from the Cafeteria just from ramen noodles! And in Japan, they have ramen noodle vending machines? If kids are charged a little more for already boiled noodles, and that's probably only going to be 15% of the kids. It adds extra money since the majority is still buying Cup noodles. These should totally be found in College and High Schools worldwide.


  1. As convenient and cheap and they are I feel they're way too unhealthy to serve to children/teenagers. These things in America will only run us further into the obesity/high blood pressure hole : /

  2. True, true. But I just had to post that pic!


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